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Teaching how to read and spell correctly, the missing foundation in teacher education: Contact us!

Effective instruction in reading and spelling and how the children learn to read and spell well are not taught in many if not all of the teacher education programs.

Kindergarten and grade one are the most critical part of the students’ academic years – these are the stages where they should learn the foundations for learning to read and spell correctly and if they cannot learn these skills the proper way, children who cannot learn to read and spell naturally and easily are at risk for failure and will fall further behind and it is approximately 1/3 of the children in each class will suffer

And this 1/3 of the children in the class are the same high school students who are failing academically– be responsible, you can be an effective teacher!

We have the expertise in literacy instruction: reading, spelling, comprehension, basic writing and handwriting with content knowledge and practical skills using direct, systematic, explicit and structured multisensory techniques and principles first described by Dr. Samuel Orton and Anna Gillingham.

Strategies, rules, and techniques, as well as a student's workbook for the whole school year, words in structured and fluency format - we have written more than 100,000 words. Strategies and clues on how to easily identify children at risk for failure- we have everything you need to be an effective reading teacher – we can make the impossible possible!

Multisensory Reading Clinic Dyslexia Treatment

100% Money-Back Dyslexia Treatment

100% Success Dyslexia Literacy Intervention, Remediation and Prevention

100% Success Multisensory Reading and Spelling Program

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