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The cheapest dyslexia/reading or OG tutor is not as always the best tutor for your struggling child

The cheapest reading, dyslexia or Orton-Gillingham specialist/certified or not tutor/teacher is not as always the best tutor/teacher for your child with dyslexia who struggles to learn how to read, spell and comprehend - you will get what you will pay for!

You might be spending day and night searching for a cheap tutor for your child who is struggling academically, behaviorally, and socially.

You can easily find not just hundreds but thousands of very cheap tutors for online and onsite person-to-person instruction with different tutor titles: “Professional Certified Teacher” Dyslexia Therapist/Specialist, OG tutor, Orton-Gillingham tutor, Certified OG tutor…endless.

Let us briefly examine the titles:

“Professional Certified Teacher” – Who teaches your child to read at school?

Dyslexia Therapist/Specialist and Orton-Gillingham Tutors, Reading Teachers have usually specific formal education and training but not all of them are effective let alone highly skilled reading instructors

Do not be swayed by the price and/or the titles

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