What is Literacy?


Literacy is a comprehensive term that refers to an ability to read, write, and conduct any other activity related to written language effectively and all children do not acquire literacy skills at the same time. Literacy acquisition is affected by three factors, which are the cognitive, psychological, and ecological domains of the Component Model of Reading. 

The ability to decode the written word and comprehend written language are two components that make up the cognitive domain of the Component Model. To comprehend written text, the reader should be able to decode written words instantly and automatically. Thus, fluency is an important characteristic of a good reader.

Motivation and interest, learning styles, teacher expectation, and gender differences are components of the psychological domain of the Component Model. These factors also affect literacy acquisition.

Home environment, dialectical differences, and peer influence also have an effect on literacy acquisition. These are placed under the ecological domain of the Component Model. Parents play an important role in influencing children's literacy acquisition and, eventually, children's performance at school.

Successful teaching depends on the teacher's ability to understand the nature and role of the different components described in the Component Model.

Source: Aaron, P.G., Malatesha Joshi, R., Quatroche, D. 2008

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