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A problem in getting to the sounds but critical thinkers - the earliest clue to dyslexia: Contact us

A weakness in getting to the sounds of words but with strengths in thinking and logical reasoning – the earliest clue to dyslexia Getting help to get the sounds as soon as possible is the solution to the problem!

Delay in speaking, having trouble with nursery rhymes, easily confuse with words that sound alike, difficulties in pronunciation, particularly when the words are getting longer, that have /s/, /l/ /n/, /r/ ; lephant – elephant, aminal – animal, pusgetti – spaghetti, bastekball – basketball, pacific, spastific, pacissic-pacific

Multisensory Reading Clinic: Expertise in literacy instruction with high-powered reading & spelling skills online & onsite Orton-Gillingham dyslexia structured literacy intervention & remediation: reading, writing, spelling & comprehension.


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