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Effective & urgent reading & spelling instruction for a struggling child; don't delay: Contact us!

Effective & immediate reading & spelling instruction is necessary for a struggling child! As soon as you know that your child is struggling to read, spell, & comprehend, do not delay for effective intervention & remediation & the sooner you seek help, the better your child’s chances for academic success & for better future in life…

A struggling dyslexic child will never catch up in reading and spelling & will fall further & further behind because he needs specific instruction with strategies or else everyone in his class is reading longer words & he is the only one who can barely read simple words. But how do you know if your child has effective reading & spelling instruction? You will know it if he can read unknown words like lat, gad, nan & not only the words he has seen several times like cat, dog, bag. He should be able to spell these words as well because this concept follows the rule of the English language. The progress should also continue for reading & spelling like shat, chog, tack, clack, frant, etc., or else you are not only wasting your hard-earned income butalso, you are not helping your child to better himself! Click here to learn more:

Book your child’s reading assessment now for your child’s instant & constant decoding progress and immediate improvement in confidence! 100% Success Multisensory Reading Clinic Expertise in literacy instruction with high-powered reading & spelling skills online & onsite Orton-Gillingham dyslexia structured literacy intervention & remediation: reading, writing, spelling & comprehension.


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