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It's more than a speech therapy! "pronouncing words without difficulty, and made so much progress!"

It’s more than a speech therapy!

“… pronouncing words without having difficulty – he made so much progress compared with other tutorings – totally a new kid!” –LK Google Review It’s more than a speech therapy! 100% Success Multisensory Reading Clinic

I’m not directly involved with the classes given to my nephew at MultiSensory Reading classes, but after meeting him months after our previous gathering, I noticed that he made so much progress. I can feel he is at ease to talk and pronouncing words without having difficulty. (Totally a new kid!) We have been talking about your school and I had to send this review because the family didn’t feel the need to write one and they didn’t know what to say. As I said, I don’t know what teaching technique you are using but it make a big difference compare with other schools. Keep up the good work! Kids need your help especially when school boards are cutting most of the resources. L.K. Google Review

Book your child’s reading assessment today and get help from the expert for your child’s instant & constant decoding progress and immediate improvement in confidence! 100% Success Multisensory Reading Clinic Orton-Gillingham Dyslexia Treatment Montreal Expertise in literacy instruction with high-powered reading & spelling skills online & onsite Orton-Gillingham dyslexia structured literacy intervention & remediation: reading, writing, spelling & comprehension.


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