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Over 100,000 word cards & reading in grade two in less than 15 hours for a non-reader: Contact us!

Reading at a grade two level in less than 15 hours of sessions for a non-reader"

Unlock the power of reading and spelling and speed up the process of learning to read, spell and comprehend with over 100,000-word cards individually handwritten for each student

More than 1,000 packs of new word card ready to use for any of our students’ difficulties in reading and spelling

Get help from the expert: learn the most effective reading and spelling skills: Winter term 2024 Limited Spaces, only few spots available!

Orton-Gillingham Educator Training & Orton-Gillingham Dyslexia Tutoring

More than 8 years of 100% Success Orton-Gillingham Dyslexia Treatment,

because we are a one-of-a-kind

Multisensory Reading Clinic

"Struggling children...have all shared a deep desire to taste success and to feel good about themselves and none of them need to fail!" - Dr. Mel Levine

More than 100,000 Orton-Gillingham word cards reading at a grade two level in less than 15 hours for a non-reader Multisensory Reading Clinic Orton-Gillingham Dyslexia training & tutoring Montreal

For teachers' training:

For struggling students:

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