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University funds: useless investment for a struggling child! Learn the most effective reading skills

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Dreaming your child being a scientist, a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer, an architect, etc.,from the most prestigious school because he is very smart therefore you are saving for his college/university funds – that is the most useless investment if your child struggles to read and can barely pass grade one!

Having a solid foundation in reading and being able to start learning to read starting in grade one is the most important aspect of your child's whole being. Therefore, if you notice that your child struggles to read at this stage, do not wait until he suffers from depression or does not want to go to school anymore, etc., --- seek the best and the most effective reading intervention as soon as possible and don't settle for less. That is the best and the most important gift and investment you can bestow to your child because he can be anything and the possibility is endless; you will be thankful, you are saving your child...

100% Success Orton-Gillingham Dyslexia Treatment

Learn the best and the most effective reading and spelling skills!

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Multisensory Reading Clinic


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