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With expert instruction,you are saving your child, but don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact us

If you suspect that your child is struggling to read, seek expert instruction as soon as possible, because you are saving your child, but don't wait until it's too late...

Depression, anxiety, behaviour problems, low self-esteem, no self-confidence, no self-worth & suicidal thoughts – typical symptoms of struggling readers and he might never catch up! Also, your struggling child might look very strong to you, funny, gregarious and a great entertainer but deep inside he is suffering. He is comparing himself with his other classmates who can read well a,d there is no benefit to waiting…

Book your child’s reading assessment today and get help from the expert for your child’s instant & constant decoding progress and immediate improvement in confidence! 100% Success Multisensory Reading Clinic Orton-Gillingham Dyslexia Treatment Montreal Expertise in literacy instruction with high-powered reading & spelling skills online & onsite Orton-Gillingham dyslexia structured literacy intervention & remediation: reading, writing, spelling & comprehension.


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