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Your child's school & teachers excuse, "he will catch up" is a LIE, what should you do? Join us!

Your school and teachers' excuse "he will catch up, it is just the developmental lag'' has been overused to reduce your concern. They are lying!

Your struggling child will never catch up once he falls behind, unless he receives intensive appropriate literacy instruction based on his specific needs. The more you wait, the more your precious child will fall further behind and will suffer academically, socially, and psychologically.

However, even if you refuse to accept the "will eventually catch up" excuse and ask the school to teach your child what he needs, it is impossible that your request will happen....soon. Your child's teacher does not know how to teach your child to learn how to read and even if your school has a reading specialist, she is often not trained in the teaching approach that is best and effective for your child and and you are alone in this quest. You must become your child's advocate and the advocacy starts with knowledge and support. Follow our BLOG:

and join our Dyslexia Literacy Advocacy Group, together we can make a difference for the lives of our children:


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