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Your dyslexic child would have a lifetime failure, if you hired the wrong tutor: get help now!

Close to a million words and counting from the 26 letters of the alphabet and if your struggling dyslexic child can’t even read 1330 simple words you've hired the wrong tutor – your child would have a lifetime failure: get help before it’s too late!

How many words your child can read and spell, will depend on how he has been taught, and there are 1330 simple words with one short vowel closed-syllable words like em, sab, zon, gul, min, etc., that your child should have already learned during his years in kindergarten and grade one.

While some of these words do not make sense, these words are the foundation for learning longer words. The em alone has more than 4500-word combinations like hem, deme, trem, empty, lemon, anemic, academic, achievements, acknowledgment, etc.

If your child has been with the same tutor for more than 15 sessions and he still struggles to read by himself words like min, it would be difficult for him to independently read words with min combinations like mine, mint, mind, mink – the reason why he cannot read two-syllable words like admin, minor, minty, minnow, vermin, catmint, flamming, streaming. Therefore, he will never be able to fluently read longer words like imminent, terminal, indiscriminate, etc…because it is too overwhelming for him ---you've hired the wrong tutor and if your child won't get the right help he deserves, he is at risk of a lifetime failure and as his parent, you will carry the guilt for the rest of your life...

Get help before it's too late!

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