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Can severely dyslexics learn to read & spell the silent e words effectively? YES, they can! Call us.

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Can severely dyslexic individuals learn to read & spell words with silent-e such as, like, cone, Pete, puke, case effectively and independently? Yes they can, even in less than a minute and with words they have not seen, but they need strategies to connect and pull out the sounds and they must learn to read & spell the short sounds first such as lack, con, pet, puck, cas before the silent e.

The teaching is also structured and must be one vowel at a time with tons of practice for fluency so that they can comprehend what they read and to prepare them for the next level of reading & spelling such as confide, dislike, compete, sideline, cascade, etc.

Book your child’s reading assessment now for your child’s instant & constant decoding progress and immediate improvement in confidence! 100% Success Multisensory Reading Clinic Expertise in literacy instruction with high-powered reading & spelling skills online & onsite Orton-Gillingham dyslexia structured literacy intervention & remediation: reading, writing, spelling & comprehension.


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