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Is your child a good or a poor reader? His phonology skills can tell! Multisensory Reading Clinic

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Phonology – determines if your child is a good or a poor reader because phonology is the core problem in dyslexia – Get help!

phono - sound, logy- study; phonology = the study of sound

Phonology is the study of the sound systems in a particular language with the alphabetic principle that governs the language such as English and French. It includes the inventory of sounds and the rules that describe how to sequence and utter the sounds (phonemes) to make words. For instance, it is the study of how to change the phoneme /c/ to /b/ or /b/ to /c/ for the words cat to bat; ban to can, etc..

Phonology also includes the awareness of speech sounds – the building blocks of words such as vowels and consonants, onsets and rimes, syllables and spelling patterns, etc. Some of the examples are the skills in identifying between the short and long vowel sounds: /a/, /o/, /u/, /e/, /i/, consonants /c/, /k/, /g/, /b/ etc and connecting them to make words, onsets and rimes: cam, bam, dam, ham, as well as syllables and spelling pattern consonant le syllable: castle, mistle, wrestle, etc. ( P.S. We will eventually add a page on our website about phonology).

Therefore the skills in phonology are the predictor of good and poor readers and if you notice that your child has a core problem in dyslexia, the phonology, get help as soon as possible!

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