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You've got the wrong tutor! How to choose a highly skilled effective dyslexic reading teacher/tutor

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Do you really want your child to fall further behind, suffer from depression, with low self-esteem, no self-confidence, and no self-worth? Get help before it is too late!

Hiring the wrong tutor is not only a waste of your hard-earned income, but also a waste of your child’s time and the time wasted is actually LIFE because you cannot get it back!

Your child’s classmates are reading longer words except her and she knows she struggles to read or can’t read. She is falling further behind and once behind in reading, she might not be able to catch up!

Do you really want her to suffer more…

Your dyslexic child has been with the same tutor for a while but he still struggles with and cannot read and spell words he has not seen with the concept that he has already been taught.

For example, he has been learning the silent-e words but he cannot read even spell words he has not seen such as, he can read quake but not quale, kite but not kine, cute but not cule, mode but not mole, pete but not lete. He is confused how to read and spell quake - quack, kite-kit, cute-cut, mode-mod, pete-pet.

In addition to struggling in identifying the short and long vowel sounds like quake and quack, he has also trouble reading and spelling with clusters of consonant sounds at the beginning of words particularly if he has not seen the words such as spare-spar, drape-drap, flake-flack, snipe-snip, sprite-sprit, scribe-scrib, splice, splick, etc.

It is because you’ve got the wrong tutor! Your child has not learned this concept correctly and he has not been taught the strategies on how to read and spell these words. Get help from the expert!

Skillful teaching in reading and spelling requires expertise and the instruction must be multisensory, systematic, explicit, cognitive and cumulative but flexible phonics and research-based instruction. In addition to learning to read and spell, continuous review of the learned concepts and practice for fluency is a must for your child to be an independent learner and a fluent reader. Click here to learn more about how to choose an effective reading tutor for your struggling dyslexic child


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