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Your dyslexic child still struggles to read: you've hired the wrong tutor! Limited spaces Contact us

Your dyslexic child has been with the same tutor for a while but he still struggles with and cannot read and spell words he has not seen with the concept that he has already been taught-- you’ve got the wrong tutor! Click the link below to learn more about how to choose a highly-skilled effective reading teacher for your struggling dyslexic child and/or get help from the expert: Multisensory Reading Clinic 100% Success Orton-Gillingham Dyslexia Treatment: Only few spots left!

You've hired the wrong tutor! He has been learning the consonant-vowel-consonant words or CVC words but your child has only been memorizing words. He can read bag but not mag; kit but not wit; top but not bop; gum but not yum, or he might be learning the silent-e words such as quake kite, cute, mode, pete, but can`t read the quote, vise lope, dune words and still confused about how to read quake - quack, kite-kit, cute-cut, mode-mod, pete-pet.

In addition to struggling in identifying the short and long vowel sounds like quake and quack, he has also trouble reading and spelling or just simply reading, forget about spelling, with clusters of consonant sounds at the beginning of words particularly if he has not seen the words such as spare-spar, drape-drap, flake-flack, snipe-snip, sprite-sprit, scribe-scrib, splice, splick, etc.

Also, there are more than 120,000 words that contain the workaholic e including simple CVC words like ed, bed, den, hem, yep, ef, jet, yes, hex, rez, peg, zen, web, mel. How many words can your child read with the letters that contain e? It's time to change your child's tutor, contact us. We have only few spots left!


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