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Your struggling child cannot make it in life if you do nothing for your child's future!

Dyslexic students can become empowered and successful learners if they are given the appropriate instruction in learning to read and spell so that they can also comprehend what they read.

Until then, these struggling individuals who have experienced academic failures and minimal progress year after year in trying to learn to read will perceive themselves as social outcasts, dumb and hopeless. They do not want to mingle with other students. They will think of themselves as useless. Their self-esteem will rapidly diminish and their ambitions and desire to taste success and feel good about themselves will be abandoned.

Even a thousand psychological therapy sessions will no longer be enough to support their self-esteem, truancy, and behavioral problems. And your illiterate child could be one or all of the following:

  • unemployed

  • is receiving aid/welfare

  • a juvenile who appears in court

  • a prison inmate



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